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Inspiring, motivating, and developing Delaware high school students to become our leaders of tomorrow

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Founded in 2012, DYLN selects high school juniors from Delaware to be Scholars for the nine-month program. Our goal is to provide a dynamic, interactive, and transformational experience through the following:

  • Inspirational Speakers- Each month, Scholars will have the opportunity to meet and listen to presentations from leaders in Delaware on a wide range of topics, including leadership skills, networking, community service, entrepreneurship, technology, and citizenship. 

  • Mentors- Each Scholar will participate in a mentoring component which includes interacting with mentors and peer mentors. Mentors will share real world career experiences and help guide the Scholar through the program. 

  • Skills Development- Scholars will work in small groups on various activities and exercises throughout the program. These assignments will provide opportunities to develop public speaking, collaboration, networking, and communication skills.